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Facebook Inc . agreed to buy messaging company whatsapp for $ 19 billion in cash and stock,A block buster transaction that dwarfs the alreaationThe 55-employee company,which acts as a kind of replacement for text messaging,Has seen its use more than double in The past nine months这意味着该公司的服务比Twitter Inc的服务更热。Twitter是常用的微博服务,用户数约2.4亿,目前市值约300亿美元。The transaction,which includes $ 3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to what sapp s founders and employees over four years该交易至今仅次于风险反对企业的收购交易。

该交易的内容还包括为期4年,向WhatsApp创始人和员工授予30亿美元的有限股份单位。这笔交易不仅将使WhatsApp的创始人沦为亿万富翁,还将为投资该公司的唯一风险公司Sequoia Capital带来巨大收益。

the deal price also easily outranks any acquisition of startups in recent years,Including facebooks purchase of photo-sharing app insta gram fram这笔交易的收购价格也远高于近年来任何初创企业收购的价格。例如,Facebook在2012年出资最多10亿美元收购了照片共享应用程序。


What isnt clear is how much revenue whatsapp makes-the company declined to comment on its sales . it charges 99 cents a yearMark Zuckerberg(马克Zuckerberg) Facebook首席执行官(CEO)在电话会议上回答说,他没有指出广告是利用即时消息系统利益的正确方法。Beyond revenue,the deal could help shelter the social network against the shifting tastes of teen users,some of whom have grown cool to itand bolster its position international ly . WhatsApp is particularly popular outside of the u . s .这项交易不仅有助于收益,还可以帮助Facebook防止青少年用户兴趣的变化,whatsapp在美国以外特别流行。

the transaction comes in the wake of facebooks failed attempt to purchase another messaging service,snapchat,For $3 billion last yearFacebook said in an earnings call in October that some younger teens were using the service less。在达成这笔交易之前,Facebook调查显示,Snapchat和WhatsApp近年来在Facebook正在争取的老年用户中大受欢迎。Facebook在去年10月的财报会上回应说,部分青少年对Facebook的使用增加了。

even by the get-big-fast standards of silicon valley,whatsapp s story is remarkable . the company,Founded in 2009 by Ukrainian Jan按照硅谷“很快就能做大”的标准,WhatsApp的发展速度也令人惊讶。红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)的合作伙伴金戈茨(Jim Goetz)写道,WhatsApp用户数超过4.5亿的速度远远快于历史上任何一家公司。


该公司由乌克兰人Jan Koum和美国人阿克顿(Brian Acton)于2009年创立。Facebook had fewer than 150 million users after its fourth year,One third that of WhatsApp in the same time period . WhatsApp processes 50 billionWhatsApp built its business on The idea of Offering instant messaging without The fees that carriers often charge . WhatsApp创建公司业务的概念是获得操作员需要的东西The companappKoum生长在有秘密警察的共产主义国家,隐私对他特别重要。jans child hood made him appreciate communication that was not bugged or tape,Mr . goetz wrote . when He arrived in the u . s . as a 16-year-。他16岁移民美国,只靠食品救济权生活,当时迫切希望与俄罗斯和乌克兰的家人保持联系。

the transaction came together quickly . Mr . Zuckerberg said he and Mr . Koum first discussed the deal on a Sunday evening less than two weel PpWhatsApp位于加州山景,Facebook的总部位于门罗公园附近。交易完成后,WhatsApp随后返回山景总部,独立于母公司Facebook运营。 the demographics of what sapps users were likely a draw for Facebook,said Rebecca lieb,Analyst at altimeter group . this is clearly also a plliebAltimeter Group的一位分析师回应说,WhatsApp的用户组可能是更多Facebook的原因,这笔交易可能是为了保障该公司年迈的用户基础。这是因为即时消息已经是必不可少的。

equally enticing is the percentage of whatsapp users who log onto the service at least once a day . that figure sits at 70%,Even higher than facebookssuch engagement percentages are valuable be cause The more users interact with a service,The more ads or other products can be sold to them。有一定吸引力的是,至少每天用于WhatsApp服务的用户比例(70%,甚至低于Facebook的61%)。这种“活动图”很有价值。

因为与服务对话的用户越多,可以销售的广告和其他产品就越少。Facebooks Always working to find new reasons for peoPle to come back,Said Forrester research analyst Nate Elliot . face book is desperate to keep people coming back every day . Forrester research分析师艾略特Instagram最初收购时大约有1500万用户。

On a per-user basis,Facebook is paying around $ 40 a piece for whatsapp,Roughly in line with the amount that other social media companiesFacebook根据用户数量对WhatsApp进行的每个用户评估是Other figures Disclosed in A Securities and exchange Commission Filing show Other Metrics that made it Particularly Atter在中,向美国证券交易委员会(securities and excel)提交例如,WhatsApp用户每天上传6亿张照片,每天发送超过1亿条视频信息。On the conference call,Messrs . Zuckerberg and koum said it was important the company operate separately and retain the mentality of A starty A startyzackerberg和Koum在电话会议上表示维持whatsm,他回答说,我们找到这样的战略是非常有效的。Insta gram founder Kevin systrom,he said,has gotten a huge amount of value on being able to use Facebook infra structure,While remaining扎克伯格认为insta gram创始人Kevin Systrom(Kevin Systrom)是可以在Facebook上使用的基础设施,具有很大的价值。Mr . koum will join Facebook board of directors . he said the company does not plan to add advertising,sticking instead to a subscription他是whats subscriptionWhatsapp,despite its surging popularity in recent years,Has been wary of raising capital and entertaining suitors . Mr . koum told the waware近几年WhatsApp的人气有所上升,但该公司对融资及收购关注仍持谨慎态度。

Koum去年12月回应《华尔街日报》 (The Wall Street Journal),称WhatsApp没有销售、上市、解散或融资的计划。【秒速牛牛平台】。